I write the Grid series, urban fantasy novels set in modern-day Atlanta, Georgia. The first novel, Off Grid, is currently in revision. Off Grid introduces Min, a troubled young psychic hunted by a powerful being known only as "Hiranu." Detailed information about Off Grid is provided below.

I am currently writing Gridlock, the second novel in the Grid series, which begins six months after the events described in Off Grid. (For information on becoming a beta reader, send an email to

What would you do to survive?

Min will do anything to stay alive. And she knows how. She's had years of practice.

She lives off the grid, hidden in the shadows of bustling Atlanta, Georgia. Years ago, Min escaped the monstrously powerful being she knows as "Hiranu." Now, Hiranu hunts her, and his eyes and ears are everywhere.

Min is a powerful psychic, able to see things others cannot, but her abilities are more curse than blessing in a world that denies the existence of the supernatural. Before Min's escape, Hiranu bound a fragment of himself to her. That fragment actively harries Min, endangering both her sanity and her survival. Only Min's Christian faith, and her relentless will to live, keep her alive.

Despite her troubles, Min has found allies. Liz Montgomery, Wiccan and local business owner, connects Min with people in need of a psychic's special gifts. Reverend Elijah Whitby, a Baptist pastor, acts as Min's counselor and spiritual advisor. Together, Liz and the Reverend protect Min from discovery and help restrain her most ruthless impulses.

When Grace Cavanaugh seeks out Min's aid, Min's makeshift safety threatens to collapse. A harrowing psychic vision reveals that helping Grace means Hiranu's return and Min's certain death. Min's only hope for survival is to reject Grace and flee Atlanta.

Min knows she should run. Abandon her friends to their fate. She's done it before. Never mind that everyone around her is telling her to stay. Never mind that her actions might endanger her very soul.

Whatever Min's decision, she needs make it quickly. Time is running out, and Hiranu draws near. Will Min choose her friends and faith, or her life and sanity? If she hesitates too long, she stands to lose everything.

Characters of Off Grid

Min, a.k.a. "Mistress Minerva"
 Gifted psychic and troubled young runaway
 Fleeing a monstrous enemy
Liz Montgomery
 Owner of a small metaphysical shop in Midtown Atlanta
 Connects Min to clients who need her special abilities
 Fragment of a powerful supernatural being
 Bound to Min, and not happy about it
Reverend Elijah
 Elderly Baptist pastor
 Counsels and advises Min
Grace Cavanaugh
 Advertising executive in trouble
 Owner of an unusual family heirloom
Lieutenant Steve Ashe
 Shrewd police detective, specializing in high-profile crimes
Simon Roelocke
 Mysterious Atlanta millionaire
 Wants the heirloom and will do anything to get it